Tree Program

Tree Program

Tree Planting Program | Qualico Communities Initiative

Qualico Communities Tree Program

Qualico Communities Calgary provides all new residents purchasing a single-family home with new trees for their home. All single-family homes will receive two (2) potted trees for selection and delivery once they have taken occupancy of your home.

All tree deliveries are subject to contractor availability and demand. Substitutions may be required depending on availability. All tree orders can be placed at any time but will not be fulfilled until the next earliest delivery date. (ie. orders placed in the Winter will be delivered in the Spring of the next year). Delivery dates will confirmed by our contractors approximately 1 week prior. Delivers normally occur twice yearly, in late Spring and early Fall, but this is determined by demand and weather conditions. Please note that orders must be placed within 2 years of occupancy of your home.

Things you should know:

  • All new residents purchasing a single-family home such as a duplex home, laned home, front garage home, semi-estate home, estate home and lake front home are eligible for 2 potted trees. This allows flexibility to plant your trees where you desire within your property.
  • If you do not want a tree, please follow the order directions and select the “No Trees Please” option.
  • Potted trees come in 7-15 gallon pots depending on species and will be dropped off for homeowners to plant in their chosen location.
  • Our landscaper will be in contact prior to order cut off date. You will receive a written notice outlining the delivery process and providing a list of trees available for your Community. This is list is also available by selecting you Community on the below menu
  • We have defined a list of trees that meet approval within your municipality. This list may change from time to time dependent on the success of various tree species in our climate.

How to Order:

1) Select your Community from the drop down menu below and review the Tree Selection List for your Community to choose your trees.

2) Inside the Search bar type your home address and select your lot and home.

3) A text window will appear at the left hand side.  Please fill in the required fields, select your trees from the list provided, and hit submit button. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours of your order.

4) The landscaping contractor will reach out prior to delivery of your trees. Delivery normally occurs twice yearly with a Spring and late Summer delivery, but this is s weather dependent.

Please note:

  • Orders can be placed at any time but will not be fulfilled until the next earliest delivery date. For example orders placed in the Winter will be delivered in the Spring.
  • Our landscape contractors commit themselves in the quality of the trees planted. To ensure proper growth and survival, please ensure that you care for your trees regularly as we cannot offer ANY warranty or replacement on plant material. Trees that do not survive will not be replaced.

Important Information Before you Plant your Trees:

Please review the Tree Planting Brochure for instructions on how to plant your trees, available below. A copy will be delivered with your trees for your review.
• Before any digging or excavation in your yard, please contact Alberta OneCall and Dig Shaw to ensure you know the location of any underground utilities.

• Municipal Bylaws require that all trees are planted outside of any Right of Way (ROW). Right of Ways are areas in which are granted to us to allow utility line(s) to be installed and maintained on, over or under privately-owned lands. Please review your property plot plan for information on any ROW on your property.

More Information: 

Tree Planting Information
Tree Care & Maintenance Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your tree order please contact us at